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See video Intelligent crows - tool use (BBC)

David Attenborough looks at crows' creative use of tools in their hunt for grubs. Embedding disabled - watch the video on YouTube

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See video Honey Badgers - The Most Fearless Animals on Earth

This video shows why honey badgers have been named the most fearless mammal on earth. First it breaks into the home of ferocious African honey bees to feast on larvae. The badger is then seen stealing and devouring a puff adder's meal, before attacking the snake itself for dessert.

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See video Animal Battle at Kruger National Park

An intense battle involving lions, crocodiles and buffaloes in Kruger National Park South Africa.

8:24 33783 4.64
See video Fishing crow using bread as bait

An intelligent hooded crow uses bread to lure and catch fish (cichlids).

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See video Christian the lion - an emotional reunion with former caretakers

The touching story of Christian, a lion raised by humans who was released into the wild in Kenya and became the head of a pride of lions. Nine months later his former caretakers return to look for Christian and see if he still remembers them.

6:06 6257 4.31
See video Fainting Goats

A breed of domestic goats that faints when it gets excited because of the stiffening of the muscles.

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See video Koko the Gorilla using Sign Language

The story of Koko the Gorilla, who is able to understand more than 1000 signs based on American Sign Language.

21:53 113 4.20
See video Elephant Paints Self Portrait

Elephants can paint - this video is proof of that. However, according to naturalist Desmond Morris, it is actually the elephant trainer that provides the directions. The trainer tugs at the elephant's ears to move the paint brush in different directions.

8:29 4869 4.12
See video Chimpanzee Boards a Train in Japan

Pan-Kun, a chimpanzee, buys a train ticket and boards a train while walking a dog.

0:00 327 4.10
See video Cockatoo dances to Backstreet Boys

Dancing was previously thought to be a uniquely human ability. That is, until cockatoo "Snowball" showed off his moves to a YouTube audience. Researchers from Harvard University and The Neurosciences Institute in San Diego confirmed that the bird does indeed synchronize with the music.

4:27 2796 4.01
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