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See video Lioness swimming with Kevin Richardson - an unusual friendship

Animal behaviorist Kevin Richardson from South Africa has an unusual group of friends - lions. Through his unique relationship with lions he can get them to do unusual things, such as joining him for a swim.

2:10 984 3.98
See video The Life Cycle of Cicadas

A film about the remarkable life cycle of Cicadas by plant biologist Roger Hangarter and filmmaker Samuel Orr.

2:46 3 3.97
See video Conchita - Mangabey monkey

Conchita the white naped Mangabey from London zoo is being raised by humans.

2:56 52 3.94
See video Planet of the Cats and Dogs - Sanctuary

Dogs and cats (hundreds of them) live together peacefully in the 12 acre property of the Cat House on the Kings sanctuary.

4:46 713 3.94
See video Rare footage of the Goblin Shark

The Goblin shark is a deep-sea shark and is therefore rarely seen. This shark was discovered in Japan.

1:32 635 3.91
See video Dog makes a clever escape

An intelligent dog ingeniously manages to find a way out of his confinement, while the other dogs look on in amazement.

1:49 1032 3.88
See video Dog Attack Styles

Professionals teach dogs to guard against intruders and attack on command.

4:19 8378 3.86
See video Encounter with a giant octopus (BBC)

A scary and unusual encounter with a beautiful, giant octopus in freezing waters, which completely embraces diver Steve Leonard.

2:24 1834 3.85
See video Killer Whales (Orcas) hunt and play with sea lions

Killler Whales hunt and play with sea lions. Surprisingly, one of the orca's sets its last catch free, even bringing it back to shore.

2:35 5778 3.74
See video Do elephants experience sorrow and grief?

An elephant family is so closely knit that the death of one of the members can be devastating. The behavior of elephants in such situations has led researchers to believe that elephants can experience deep emotions.

1:04 331 3.70
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