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See video Remote-controlled robot insects

Not even the most sophisticated of today's robots come close to mimicking the flight aerobatics of insects. However, researchers have found a way around that: by programming and taking control of real insects.

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See video Intelligent crow uses small stick to get large stick to get food

New Caledonian crows can not only use tools, but also use one tool to manipulate another tool. This crow uses a small stick in order to get a larger stick, which it can then use to obtain food.

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See video Giant Liger: What Happens When You Mate a Tiger and a Lion

The liger is a rare hybrid cross between a male lion and a female tiger. They are the largest cats in the world.

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See video Fishing Spider Preys on Frogs

Fishing Spiders lurk near water and prey on fish, tadpoles and frogs. The spider rests on the water's surface with its hind legs anchored on a leaf or rock, and when it detects the vibrations of passing prey it dives into the water.

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See video Giant Tarantula

The largest spider in the world is on the hunt. But is it as dangerous as it seems? It depends on who it's after.

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See video Swimming in Jellyfish Lake

Swimming amongst millions of jellyfish in Jellyfish lake in the Pacific island of Palau. The lake was once connected to the ocean, but the outlet was closed off, isolating the jellyfish population.

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See video Earth: de duurste documentaire uit de geschiedenis

Interview met de producent van natuurfilm "Earth", gefilmd op 204 locaties in 62 landen op alle zeven continenten.

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See video Shark Attack - From Documentary Earth

Close-up slow motion footage of how a great white shark attacks its prey.

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See video Giant King Cobra - Biggest Venomous Snake in the World

An enormous king cobra more than 14 feet (4.27 meters) in length.

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See video Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot

The "Cockroach Controlled Mobile Robot" is an experimental mechanism in which a live cockroach is the pilot. It stands on top of a trackball which has been modified to control a three-wheeled robot.

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