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See video AP Chemistry: Gas Laws Lecture Part III

This is the final installment in the series of Gas Law Lecture Notes for AP Chemistry.  Now, on to AP questions!

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See video Fun with Sulfur Hexafluoride

SF6 is 6 times heavier than air, and interesting results take place with experimentation.

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See video Reactions of Sodium and Potassium with Water

A chemical demonstration of the reaction between Sodium and water and between Potassium and water

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See video Reactions of Rubidium and Cesium in Water

More violent reactions than Potassium and Sodium. See the periodic table:


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See video Nuclear Fusion

A presentation by the Institute for Plasma Physics, Germany. Website:

See also:


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See video Hybridization Theory: Molecular Geometry

Hybridization Theory: Understanding Molecular Geometry Preview.

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See video Course on Emulsion Polymerization Processes


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See video AP Chemistry Kinetics: Differential Rate Law Part I

Join me to learn how to handle instantaneous rate, relative rate an

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See video AP Chemistry: General Equilibrium Lecture Part I

Join me for the most important topic of the course.

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See video AP Chemistry: General Equilibrium Lecture Notes Part II

The second installment for the lecture notes that address General Equilibrium.  OK, I goofed!  I spliced this together in two parts and one of the examples got left out, but you can see the "an

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