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See video Arithmetic, Population, and Energy Part 7 of 8

This part of the lecture focuses on the world addiction to growth, its lack of sustainability and the prevailing optimism that solutions will be found in the future.

9:29 214 5.09
See video The Miniature Earth

What would the world be like if it was reduced to only 100 people, while maintaining the same proportions? (For example, proportion without basic sanitation, proportion who cannot read).

3:28 344 5.03
See video Arithmetic, Population, and Energy Part 5 of 8

This part of the lecture discusses an outrageously incorrect statement in Time Magazine about how long coal resources could last, as well as other similarly incorrect statements in the media.

9:28 110 4.78
See video Learn Mean, Median and Mode through a music video

A fun way to learn (and remember) how to calculate the mean, median and mode through music.

1:31 225 4.66
See video Math Education: An Inconvenient Truth

M.J. McDermott shows different ways of solving the same multiplication and division problems.

15:25 488 4.58
See video Fast Mental Math: Harry Potter Style

A great trick to do complex multiplications very rapidly, but does not work with all numbers.

0:00 234 4.50
See video Nathan Yau: How to tell a Story with Data

A short introduction on using data visualization to tell a clear and interesting story.

1:23 114 4.50
See video Jer Thorp - The Weight of Data (TEDxVancouver)

Jer Thorp builds visual tools to help understand systems, like an archaeologist digging deeper into data and constructing stories from data.

17:29 97 4.43
See video Fast Mental Math: Long Math Division

Quickly divide any number by 9, without using a calculator.

0:00 206 4.40
See video Fast Mental Math: with Body Parts

How to calculate with your hands, and your feet.

0:00 71 4.10
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