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See video The Year 2019 according to Microsoft

Envisioning the Future - Microsoft's Future Vision Montage. What will technology be like in 2019?

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See video The First British Nuclear Bomb

Britain became the world's third nuclear power after successfully detonating an atomic device in October 1952. This video contains eyewitness accounts as well as impressive visuals of the destructive power of the H-Bomb.

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See video Bill Gates: Looking Back, Moving Ahead - Part 1

The story of Bill Gates, from his childhood to the early years of Microsoft. 

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See video James Cameron on curiosity, CGI and science fiction (TEDTalks)

James Cameron - director of blockbusters such as Aliens, Terminator, Titanic and Avatar - reflects on his childhood, his insatiable curiosity, and his love of exploration and science fiction.

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See video Sugata Mitra: Indian kids teach themselves to use a computer

Can children learn how to use a computer without any help from adults? Sugata Mitra discusses his experiments in India and the surprising results.

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See video Bill Gates: Looking Back, Moving Ahead - Part 2

Part 2 looks back on Bill Gates' Microsoft career. Includes comments from Ray Ozzie, Steve Ballmer and Craig Mundie.

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See video Nikola Tesla - The Big Picture

Nikola Tesla was an inventor, pioneer and one of the greatest ever electrical engineers. This video is a tribute to his many contributions in the fields of electricity and magnetism. Nikola Tesla was an ethnic Serb, born in the territory of today's Croatia.

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See video Wireless Electricity - Eric Giler (TEDTalks)

Over a hundred years after Nikola Tesla's work on wireless electricity, it has finally become a reality - and may become available in stores soon. In this video Eric Giles of MIT inspired WiTricity demonstrates a wirelessly powered TV and cell phone, and explains how it works and why it is safe.

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See video Big Dog - an ultra stable quadruped robot

BigDog is a dynamically stable robot using four legs for movement. This video demonstrates how it handles being kicked, balancing on slippery ice and overcoming obstacles.

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See video Tata Nano - The World's Cheapest Car

Costing just USD $2500 USD, the Tato Nano is currently the least expensive car in the world. It is produced in India by Tata motors.

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