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See video Autonomous Quadrotor Helicopter - Aggressive Maneuvers

A very impressive demonstration of a small autonomous helicopter performing precise aggressive maneuvers - flips, flight through windows, and quadrotor perching.

1:27 2377 4.02
See video OLPC XO Laptop prototype

Matthew Hockenberry demonstrates the one laptop per child's fourth production prototype of the 'hundred-dollar laptop' at Siggraph 2007

6:34 209 4.01
See video Tweenbots - Adorable Robot Experiment

The tweenbot has a flag stating its intended destination and depends on passersby to help it get there, because it can only move forward.

0:00 143 4.00
See video Nicholas Negroponte takes OLPC to Colombia (TEDTalks)

An inspirational video which follows Nicholas Negroponte in Colombia as he delivers thousands of little green OLPC laptops (One Laptop Per Child) to children in territory once controlled by guerillas. Up to this point half a million OLPC laptops have been delivered to children around the world.

6:31 8 4.00
See video Shai Agassi: A bold plan for mass adoption of electric cars (TEDTalks)

A fascinating talk about a major paradigm shift in the car industry: electric cars and electric recharge grids could soon become common place, and entire countries could become oil-free by 2020 starting with Denmark, Israel and Australia.

19:10 61 3.95
See video Mythbusters - Mona Lisa drawn in 80 milliseconds

This video shows the difference between a CPU (robot) and a GPU by demonstrating their painting capacities.

2:15 2587 3.90
See video Robotic Hands move faster than the eyes can see

These high-speed Japanese robots can do precise operations at a blisteringly fast speed.

3:19 794 3.86
See video Future of Game Graphics: VFX Tech Demo

Amazing technology for recreating life-like facial expressions in 3D.

1:38 1346 3.84
See video Levitating Water Illusion

Strobe lights give the illusion that water droplets are floating up or down. They are actually multiple streams of water.

0:32 338 3.83
See video The Creative Classroom: Joel Josephson at TEDx

From the UK, Josephson is an innovative educator that wo

10:06 3 3.83
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