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See video Video Pembelajaran PPS Unnes

Contoh video pembelajaran

4 years 11 weeks ago
See video Educomics - Using digital comics in the classroom

Educomics is a European Union education project which will show educators how online comics can be used in the classroom. It has developed resource materials to support teachers in their use of digital comics.

2 8 years 6 weeks ago
See video Nicholas Negroponte takes OLPC to Colombia (TEDTalks)

An inspirational video which follows Nicholas Negroponte in Colombia as he delivers thousands of little green OLPC laptops (One Laptop Per Child) to children in territory once controlled by guerillas. Up to this point half a million OLPC laptops have been delivered to children around the world.

8 8 years 45 weeks ago
See video David Merrill: Siftables, the toy blocks that think (TEDTalks)

Siftables are intelligent, cookie-sized digital blocks with little displays on them. These futuristic toys can do math, play music and can even be used to create stories all by moving around and re-arranging the blocks.

107 9 years 19 weeks ago
See video Johnny Lee: Wii Remote hacks

"Johnny Lee demos his amazing Wii Remote hacks, which transform the $40 game piece into a digital whiteboard, a touchscreen and a head-mounted 3-D viewer."

740 10 years 10 weeks ago
See video Low-Cost Multi-touch Whiteboard using the Wiimote

Using infrared (IR) light pens and the Wii Remote, it is possible to create very low-cost multi-point interactive whiteboards and multi-point tablet displays.

2260 10 years 28 weeks ago
See video A Vision of K-12 Students Today

"This project was created to inspire teachers to use technology in engaging ways to help students develop higher level thinking skills."

719 10 years 30 weeks ago
See video Android Demo

Sergey Brin and Steve Horowitz discuss the availability of the SDK and demo applications on the Android platform.

3279 10 years 32 weeks ago
See video Tracking fingers with the Wii Remote

Using an IR led array and some reflective tape, you can track fingers in thin air using the Wii Remote by Johnny Chung Lee, Carnegie Mellon University. The grid software is a custom program written using a C# wiimote library and DirectX.

1594 10 years 32 weeks ago
See video A Vision of Students Today

What are some of the most important characteristics of students today? How do they learn and what do they need to learn?

2501 10 years 36 weeks ago
See video OLPC XO Laptop prototype

Matthew Hockenberry demonstrates the one laptop per child's fourth production prototype of the 'hundred-dollar laptop' at Siggraph 2007

209 10 years 46 weeks ago
See video Did You Know 2.0 - Technology and the Future

A visual presentation of thought provoking statistics. This is an official update to the original "Shift Happens" video from Karl Fisch and Scott McLeod, with updated statistics and a new design.

2414 11 years 4 days ago
See video Digital Learners

Only 28% of 12th graders in the US believe that schoolwork is meaningful. Only 39% believe that school work will have any bearing on their success in later life. What is missing?

256 11 years 11 weeks ago
See video Gapminder - no more boring data

TedTalks 2007. Hans Rosling is professor of international health at Sweden's Karolinska Institute, and founder of Gapminder, a nonprofit that brings vital global data to life.

199 11 years 23 weeks ago
See video Magic Paper demonstration

Intelligent "paper" that understands the physics of objects being drawn.

1238 11 years 40 weeks ago
See video Jeff Han: Multi-Touch Interaction

TedTalks 2006: Jeff Han is a research scientist for NYU's Courant Institute of Mathematical Sciences, and the inventor of a Minority Report style "interface-free" touch-driven computer

147 11 years 47 weeks ago
See video Multi-Touch Interaction Experiments

Jefferson Han demonstrates the features of a multi-touch display which can make interaction much more efficient, intuitive and fun.

994 12 years 19 weeks ago
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