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See video Anaconda vs Crocodile (Krokodil)

Anaconda frisst Krokodil / A crocodile gets devoured by an anaconda.

1:37 5666 3.07
See video Coconut shelter: evidence of tool use by octopuses

Octopuses are probably the most intelligent of all invertebrates. This video shows an octopus using a coconut as a tool by taking it along for use as shelter and protection against predators.

1:24 128 4.92
See video History of the Internet

An animated documentary of the history of the Internet from 1957 to 2009. Subtitles are available in Bulgarian, Chinese, English, French, German and Greek.

8:10 1939 5.80
See video Koko the Gorilla using Sign Language

The story of Koko the Gorilla, who is able to understand more than 1000 signs based on American Sign Language.

21:53 113 4.20
See video Learn German - Lesson 1 "Erste Begegnung" by LinguaTV

This is the first episode of the video lecture "Neu in Berlin" produced by LinguaTV.

2:53 313 5.70
See video Model-View-Controller 6:21 3 0.00
See video NASA: Piecing Together the Temperature Puzzle

The earth is running a fever and scientists predict it is going to get much worse. Data from NASA satellites can be used to monitor climate change and study the possible causes.

5:49 53 3.18
See video Python vs Cobra

A Cobra challenges a Python and wins. It then devours the Python.

2:39 4686 3.55
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