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See video Dancing Robots by Sony

These smooth moving Sony robots have some impressive dance moves.

3:26 1433 3.82
See video Transformer Robot

A real transforming robot which can turn from a car into a humanoid-like robot. A larger scale version would have been even more amazing.

0:39 3731 3.82
See video A Lego Mindstorms Car Factory

An amazing automated lego factory that produces little lego cars. A fascinating (albeit somewhat slow-paced) video that truly shows the power of lego.

6:44 1625 3.81
See video Big Dog robot - update

A new dog-like robot from DARPA (Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency) with more advanced control, stability and maneuverability.

4:04 9905 3.79
See video Towel-folding robot created by US researchers

Watching a robot fold towels is surprisingly fascinating. Such a simple task for a human is actually very complex for a robot.

2:02 714 3.74
See video New Zealand's All Robot Music Band - The Trons

The Trons is a self-playing robot band consisting of four robots - two guitar players (one of whom also does the vocals), a keyboard player and a drummer.

3:18 837 3.72
See video Roomba Pac-Man

An ingenious recreation of Pac-Man with Roombas - autonomous robot vacuum cleaners.

2:35 651 3.65
See video Amphibious Robot Snake

The ACM-R5 robot snake can glide through water elegantly. It was developed by the Hirose-Fukushima Robotics Lab in Japan.

1:44 229 3.43
See video Remote-controlled robot insects

Not even the most sophisticated of today's robots come close to mimicking the flight aerobatics of insects. However, researchers have found a way around that: by programming and taking control of real insects.

1:21 962 3.43
See video Humanoid robot plays the Violin

This 1.5 m. (5 foot) tall robot can play the violin thanks to its human like dexterity. It is one of a number of robots Toyota is developing to assist humans in Japan's greying society.

1:40 4398 3.28
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