George Smoot: The design of the universe (TEDTalks)

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A mind-boggling talk from Nobel Prize in Physics laureate George Smoot about how the universe could have formed, with stunning images and animations from deep-space surveys.

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This speech confirms the

This speech confirms the high probability of intelligent life on another planet. However as life arises & falls, we may not exist concurrent with the other life forms. It's up to the most advanced life-form to find us, because I doubt we are capable of finding other intelligent life--because the distances are too great for us (with our devices & intelligence) to overcome.

It will require a super-brilliant life to evolve intellectually fast to a sufficient level of advancement to be able to find us!

One failure of humans is that they mostly believe that if they can imagine it, then it can be done. Outer-space is another realm. We didn't evolve in outer space, so i believe it does impose a insurmountable constraint upon us. Sure, anything we imagine inside the earths atmosphere is likely do-able, because we evolved here...however, space is too different. Space has nothing to do with us!

We should make an estimate of the remaining span of years humans have on earth, then calculate how far light can travel from earth over our estimated remaining time, and then largely confine our space research within that estimated sphere in space.

I saw you on the show "Are

I saw you on the show "Are you smarter than a fifth grader" and I was curious if you openes your Lobe shop yet? I really enjoyed watching.
I have always had the same thoughts and ideals about our universe and found your discoveries very interesting to say the least.
Marlene Stanford e-mail