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See video Giant centipede eats a mouse

The giant, carnivorous centipede - scolopendra gigantea - catches and eats a mouse. This species eats birds, frogs, lizards, mice and even bats and tarantulas. Embedding disabled: watch video on YouTube

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See video Python vs Crocodile

Python eats crocodile - neither survive.

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See video Gorilla vs. Gorilla

Two huge male gorillas square off in the wild in a test of dominance. Which will emerge victorious?

From National Geographic

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See video Giraffe vs Lions

An incredible hunt - the lions get the giraffe after much struggle and perseverance from both sides.Don't miss the great defensive action at 1:24.

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See video Leopard takes down 2 Wildebeest 0:47 1540 0.00
See video Camel Spider

These spiders can run up to 16 kilometers per hour (10 mph). They are not venomous.

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See video Frogs and Toads Slideshow

Pictures of different species of often brightly colored toads and frogs.

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See video Yak Does a Body Good

The yak is a shaggy-haired, hoofed animal found in Tibet and
parts of China, surviving as high as 20,000 feet in the Himalayas, in

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See video Bengal Tigers

The Bengal tiger, a fierce predator and one of the strongest mammals on
the planet, is being slowly defeated by an ever-shrinking habitat and

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See video Tiger Watch

"There doesn't seem to be much space in modern India for tigers," says
longtime conservationist Belinda Wright. Widely hunted for their skin,

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