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See video Gorilla Diet

For the wild mountain gorillas of Rwanda, the forest is a gigantic salad
bowl. A gorilla can — and will — eat up to 60-70 different species of

3:32 2 0.00
See video The Life Cycle of Cicadas

A film about the remarkable life cycle of Cicadas by plant biologist Roger Hangarter and filmmaker Samuel Orr.

2:46 3 3.97
See video Gorilla Talk

We often think that when a wild mountain gorilla beats his chest, it
means he is angry, and you'd better get out of his way. But it is really

3:47 3 0.00
See video Bengal Tigers

The Bengal tiger, a fierce predator and one of the strongest mammals on
the planet, is being slowly defeated by an ever-shrinking habitat and

0:54 4 0.00
See video Yak Does a Body Good

The yak is a shaggy-haired, hoofed animal found in Tibet and
parts of China, surviving as high as 20,000 feet in the Himalayas, in

0:49 8 0.00
See video The bushmeat trade in Kenya and its threat to wildlife

A short film about the overhunting of wildlife and trade in bushmeet in Kenya.

5:09 9 2.79
See video giraffe manor 3:39 12 0.00
See video Rare footage of the elusive and venomous Solenodon

This strange and elusive mammal has a long, thin snout and resembles a large shrew. It is one of only a handful of venomous mammals and may bite with little or no provocation.

0:26 26 0.50
See video Frogs and Toads Slideshow

Pictures of different species of often brightly colored toads and frogs.

2:44 34 0.00
See video Salamander hunting crickets

 A tiger salamander is hunting for food. Salamanders eat all kinds of insects such as crickets, locusts, flies, beetles, millipedes as well as worms and slugs.

1:19 51 0.04
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