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See video Conchita - Mangabey monkey

Conchita the white naped Mangabey from London zoo is being raised by humans.

2:56 52 3.94
See video Starving Polar Bear / Ours Polaire Affamé

Footage of a starving polar bear - the shortage of ice is shrinking the hunting ground for polar bears. In French with English subtitles.

1:18 57 2.94
See video first time 0:56 68 0.00
See video Honey Badgers - The Most Fearless Animals on Earth

This video shows why honey badgers have been named the most fearless mammal on earth. First it breaks into the home of ferocious African honey bees to feast on larvae. The badger is then seen stealing and devouring a puff adder's meal, before attacking the snake itself for dessert.

3:21 69 4.71
See video Lion attemps to climb a tree to catch a Baboon

A young lion tests his limits when trying to catch a baboon, but lions are not great climbers in spite of their claws. The baboon also has a little surprise for the lion...

3:02 74 2.37
See video Pygmy Marmoset Twins

Cute Pygmy Marmoset Monkeys in the Bronx Zoo.

0:49 81 0.75
See video How to Milk a Cow by Hand

A demonstration of how to to milk a cow.

4:01 93 3.50
See video فيديو حكاية الحمامة والثعلب ومالك الحزين 19:27 93 0.00
See video Infinite Photograph (National Geographic)

A fun web-application that provides a photo-mosaic portrait of the world and allows you to zoom in infinitely. Created by National Geographic.

1:19 101 2.02
See video Giant King Cobra - Biggest Venomous Snake in the World

An enormous king cobra more than 14 feet (4.27 meters) in length.

6:55 119 3.24
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