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See video Flying snake

"Flying snakes" can glide extremely well by flattening their bodies, even though they lack any limbs or wing-like projections. They are mildly venemous but are considered harmless to humans.

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See video Siphonophora

An amazing looking creature. Siphonophorae are related to and resemble jellyfish.

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See video Orca attack on Great White

The Orca or Killer Whale is known to eat sharks, even the occasional White Shark. However, they are not considered to be a threat to humans.

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See video Grizzly bear vs Caribou

A rare confrontation between a grizzly bear and a caribou ending up in a river.

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See video Snake swallowed a Hippo

A snake that swallowed a hippo pukes it out again.

2:13 7596 1.47
See video Zebras

Many theories abound about why zebras have stripes. One is that they
serve as camouflage from the lion, its greatest predator. To a human,

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See video Spyhop

Spyhopping is when orcas vertically propel themselves halfway out of
the water and stay there for a moment, akin to a human treading water.

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See video Praying Mantis catches and devours Mouse

A praying mantis lies in ambush, waiting for the mouse to come near before it strikes with a swift movement of its spiked forelegs. The predatory praying mantis has been known to catch birds, snakes, small lizards, frogs and even mice as shown in this video.

0:36 587 1.45
See video Giant Squid caught by Japanese scientists

Giant Squid caught by Japanese scientists.
video from Nippon TV news.

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See video The Giant Crocodile of Burundi

Researchers attempt to catch the giant crocodile.

0:00 2215 1.40
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