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See video Mother Cougar vs Grizzly Bear

Agility vs strength: a female Cougar protects her cubs against an intruding grizzly bear.

1:49 1443 0.61
See video Leopard takes down 2 Wildebeest 0:47 1540 0.00
See video Jaguar vs Crocodile

The Jaguar manages to swiftly and effectively kill the Crocodile.

1:17 1544 1.36
See video Python vs Crocodile

Python eats crocodile - neither survive.

2:09 1584 0.00
See video Giant Tarantula

The largest spider in the world is on the hunt. But is it as dangerous as it seems? It depends on who it's after.

1:55 1591 3.33
See video Komodo dragon: one bite kill

How can the Komodo Dragon kill a buffalo many times its size with a single bite? It is a mystery scientists are still trying to solve.

3:05 1632 5.46
See video Leopard saves a baby Baboon

A leopard's maternal instinct saves a baby baboon from a gruesome fate - being killed by a hyena.

5:08 1637 5.76
See video Encounter with a giant octopus (BBC)

A scary and unusual encounter with a beautiful, giant octopus in freezing waters, which completely embraces diver Steve Leonard.

2:24 1834 3.85
See video Komodo Dragon - a danger to humans?

The largest living species of lizard, the Komodo Dragon can consume up to 80 percent of their body weight within minutes.

2:49 1931 3.21
See video Fighting Giraffes

Vicious fighting between two giraffes. Filmed on safari in Tanzania.

2:40 2083 1.66
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