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See video What the future holds - Nanoelectronics

Morph is a concept demonstrating some of the possibilities nano technologies might enable in future communication devices.

5:57 2483 5.84
See video "Romeo and Juliet" 0:00 481 4.10
See video 12 year old girl gives moving speech to the UN

"Severn Suzuki" Organization of Children in Defence of the Environment, during the ECO 92 - United Nations Conference for Environment and Development.

6:42 965 5.72
See video 15 year old from Malawi builds windmill using spare parts

William Kamkwamba, a school drop-out (his family couldn't afford the fees) who lives in a remote village with no electricity, built his family a windmill using bicycle parts and scrap materials. The young inventor only had a photograph in a primary school textbook on energy  to guide him.

6:08 246 5.41
See video 20 Years in Jail for Downloading Article on Women's Rights

Treated as a criminal and common thief, Sayed Pervez Kambakhsh was initially sentenced to death by Sharia courts in Afghanistan for downloading an article on women's rights.

10:42 20 2.16
See video 3D Animation of HIV Replication

An animation showing the steps of HIV replication.

5:13 550 5.75
See video 4 koraka za promjenu na bolje

4 su osnovne stvari potrebne kako bi napravili promjenu u životu -- prva je odluka

5:36 0.00

Dobar dan, Ja sam Ivica Penić osnivač Mariviam Akademije Uspjeha, dobro došli na našu web stranicu.

4:55 0.00
See video 6 ključnih savjeta za donošenje odluka

6 ključeva za odluke

3:27 0.00
See video A Place to Run To

When we think of the Arctic, we often think of global warming. But adeeper, darker issue plagues the region.

11:05 0.00
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