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Spiders Educational Videos

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See video Mother Goose Club: Itsy Bitsy Spider

A short but lively version of itsy bitsy spider.

0:41 22747 4.13
See video The Itsy Bitsy Spider

A popular but slightly unorthodox version of the Itsy Bitsy Spider song (aka Incy Wincy Spider).

3:33 15668 3.90
See video Fishing Spider Preys on Frogs

Fishing Spiders lurk near water and prey on fish, tadpoles and frogs. The spider rests on the water's surface with its hind legs anchored on a leaf or rock, and when it detects the vibrations of passing prey it dives into the water.

1:09 1269 3.35
See video Giant Tarantula

The largest spider in the world is on the hunt. But is it as dangerous as it seems? It depends on who it's after.

1:55 1591 3.33
See video Camel Spider

These spiders can run up to 16 kilometers per hour (10 mph). They are not venomous.

1:35 3636 0.00
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