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Animals Educational Videos

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See video The Animal Sounds Song

The sounds that animals make.

2:25 70641 5.83
See video Tiger Watch

"There doesn't seem to be much space in modern India for tigers," says
longtime conservationist Belinda Wright. Widely hunted for their skin,

4:22 1 0.00
See video Yak Does a Body Good

The yak is a shaggy-haired, hoofed animal found in Tibet and
parts of China, surviving as high as 20,000 feet in the Himalayas, in

0:49 8 0.00
See video Zebras

Many theories abound about why zebras have stripes. One is that they
serve as camouflage from the lion, its greatest predator. To a human,

4:52 20755 1.46
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