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See video MIT 6.00 Introduction to Computer Science and Programming - Lecture 1

The first lecture of the popular MIT course on Computer Science and Programming, a good entry course for those who do not have a lot of programming experience.

53:30 1008 5.90
See video The Philanthropist and his mayan empire Generosity board

Generosity board (expression directly imported

72:03 1 0.00
See video 12 year old girl gives moving speech to the UN

"Severn Suzuki" Organization of Children in Defence of the Environment, during the ECO 92 - United Nations Conference for Environment and Development.

6:42 965 5.72
See video 3D Desktop - BumpTop 1.0

BumpTop is a 3D desktop that is more like a real desk, enabling you to organize your documents more intuitively.

2:43 1404 5.23
See video 4 koraka za promjenu na bolje

4 su osnovne stvari potrebne kako bi napravili promjenu u životu -- prva je odluka

5:36 0.00

Dobar dan, Ja sam Ivica Penić osnivač Mariviam Akademije Uspjeha, dobro došli na našu web stranicu.

4:55 0.00
See video 6 ključnih savjeta za donošenje odluka

6 ključeva za odluke

3:27 0.00
See video 9 life lessons from rock climbing - Matthew Childs (TEDTalks)

Veteran climber Matthew Childs presents his rules of rock climbing, based on 35 years of experience, which make great life lessons.

4:49 21 3.42
See video Aadhar card form download

Aadhar card form is present to copy at UID portal. If you wish, incline for your UID scalar or Aadhar nacelle recurrence configuration for unreserved from our website.

0:00 0.00
See video Accounting Basics - Where did Accounting Come From?

A brief history and explanation of accounting.

4:39 191 5.25
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