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How to Learn Math (and How to Teach Math!)

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For more content visit: Calculus Academy at For more details in written form visit: What is the best way to learn math? And what is the best way to teach math? Is it just through regular lectures? Or through textbooks? Or through memorizing proofs? Or what?  Summary of How to Learn and Teach Math:(1) You need/want to learn math(2) Math is the study of necessary synthetic truths through rational deductive reasoning on abstract ideal entities(3) You therefore need to understand:a. Definitions of abstract ideal entitiesb. Rational deductive reasoning(4) Best way to understand these (a & b) is through your own critical thinking(5) Best way to induce guided critical thinking is through asking questions (ie: teacher asks relevant questions, student answers questions) Conclusion: The Socratic Method is the best way to learn and teach math. Table of Contents:0:01 Introduction on learning and teaching math0:32 How I feel like in my lectures0:39 Core lesson on how to learn and teach math3:58 Learning Dilemma 5:09 Summary and Conclusion on how to learn math