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Jatropha: Kenya's biofuel potential

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Jatropha is an easily grown biofuel crop, and thousands of jatropha tree plantations are now springing up across Kenya.

It can survive in harsh, dry and arid conditions. The question is - does it produce enough fuel to be commercially viable? 

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I´m a sower of jatropha in

I´m a sower of jatropha in Argentina, I work the seeds, investigate about this plant, i have two years olds plants. Sorry my english is bad, but my work with the plants is serious.
I like to exchange information with you, I work in the future in Democratic CONGO, with jatropha.
I like send to me your picture, I send to you my picture, my studies, my conclusions, I speak Spanish only.
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I have founds to finance project about this plant, thanks for your time.
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