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MEDEA Awards 2008 Showcase: Unseen Voices

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This is an interview with Sergio Lopez Figueroa about his project Unseen Voices, with which he participated in the MEDEA Awards 2008. The interview was created and published for the MEDEA Awards 2009 showcase. Unseen voices: creation of new silent digital film (8 mins) as part of a
collaborative interdisciplinary creative learning project in
partnership with Brent Council in London and a secondary school
(Preston Manor High School). Project created and delivered by Creative
Director of Big Bang Lab, Sergio Lopez Figueroa. In two weeks workshops
a group of music students learn history of WW2, Holocaust and
Kindertransport (youth refugees in 1939) by learning how to create a
film entirely by re-using archive film footage and photography and
editing digitised clips, learn where and how to research, copyright
issues, make the storyboard and the film, compose the music with
support of Music Leader and finally perform live at the Holocaust
Memorial Day with the Unseen Voices film in Wembley Town Hall in
January 2008. As part of the project they met Holocaust survivor and
visited the Holocaust exhibition at the Imperial War Museum in London.
At a second stage, an educational DVD was produced as a learning
resource and distributed to 100 schools in the Borough including four
mini documentaries of the whole process and further resources including
web resources for the use of teachers and other schools.